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Artwork 2011-2013

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Bar-Themed Artwork

Washington DC Series

These series of paintings illustrate my interest in Latin American expressionism and universal constructivism. For me, the commonality between these two very different styles is the use of simple shapes and abstract visions of nature, such as rural and urban landscapes, the sea, the sun and animals.

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but have been living in Arlington, VA since 2011. Although by profession I am a psychologist, I have always loved to draw and paint, and have enjoyed sharing my work with others in every country in which I’ve lived: Uruguay, Brazil, Honduras and now the United States.

Uruguayan masters such as Carlos Paez Vilaró and Joaquín Torres García are my sources of inspiration. I like to explore Joaquin Torres-García’s universal constructivism, incorporating the human experience into the simple shapes of his "spiritual geometry" and “golden rule.” I am a great admirer of Carlos Paez Vilaró’s use of basic yet unexpected forms and I strive to emulate his profound interpretation of nature and the world around him.
When I paint, I take images from real life and translate them into my personal vision. The results I look for are new and harmonious images. Sometimes they are nonfigurative; sometimes they are abstract versions of the natural world. I like to use sharp colors in my paintings and black and white in my drawings, to highlight the brightness of nature or emphasize shapes and forms. I work mainly with acrylic and ink on solid bleached board or canvas.